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About us

Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc.

Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 by Ronald D. Lutz, Richard J. Briggs, Richard D. Schultz, P.E. and C. Eugene Myers, P.E. to perform construction services for a variety of customers and with an emphasis on medical construction services.

Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc. performs construction work in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas.

We strive to provide quality services for our customers, and we continually make great efforts to create and maintain good relationships with our new and past customers.

Please contact us at 724-758-5455 to see how we can serve you on your next construction project.

Why do we recommend

  • Design-Build construction saves time

    By putting both the designers and the builders under one roof, obstacles that often delay a project are completely avoided. And while Design-Build can't control certain conditions like rain and snow, eliminating all other opportunities for delay is crucial to a timely delivery.

  • Design-Build construction saves money

    Many costs are avoided when both your designer and builder work under one roof, as markup and external costs are completely avoided.  Additionally, with time lines that are more strictly followed comes a final tab that's fair for all involved.

  • With Design-Build, the Owner has more say

    This final benefit is pretty simple - there are fewer voices to talk over so our clients' concerns are always heard. After all, it's their project. Anything less than exactly what you want is unacceptable. Design-Build allows you, the Owner, to select systems that best suit your needs and meet your project budget.

Our Team
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Ronald D. Lutz is a third generation General Contractor with over 55 years of experience in commercial and light industrial construction, performing renovations of existing buildings and new construction projects.

He has an extensive background in site work and estimating and performs conceptual estimating and design services to establish accurate budgets based on his extensive construction knowledge, rather than complete bid packages and drawings.

For over 20 years, he has worked "hands on with tools", progressing from laborer, carpenter, foreman, superintendent, to Owner. He has always been heavily involved with design concepts and estimating, as well as construction management.

Ronald currently holds the position of President and CEO for Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc.

Richard (Rick) J. Briggs is the Vice President and General Manager of Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc.

He has over 26 years of experience in construction and over 40 years of experience in the painting and wallcovering field.

His primary duties include oversight and management of all in-house and field personnel, working with customers, designers, engineers, estimators, sub-contractors and crews to offer complete design-build construction services.

Richard is the General Manager of LCM & Associates, Inc., Lutz & Myers, Inc., Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc., Brenner Painting, Inc.,and Efficient Insulation, Inc.

Richard D. Schultz, P.E., has been employed in construction since 1985, starting out as a summertime laborer. He earned an associate degree in drafting in 1989, at which time he was employed as a full-time draftsman.

A founding partner in LBSA, he returned to college and graduated with honors earning his Bachelor of Engineering. He achieved licensure from PA in 2008 as a Registered Professional Engineer.

Now Manager of the Design and Drafting Department, he is an integral part of the design team with a thoughtful and creative approach. In addition to being responsible for project engineering, design, and drawings, he also performs independent construction inspections and has served as Chairman of Ellwood City's Code Review Appeal Hearing Board.

Andy Briggs was hired in 2004 and has worked as a laborer, roofer, and roofing foreman. In 2007, Andy was selected to train as an estimator under senior estimator, Ronald D. Lutz.

Currently, Andy's primary job duties include coordination with architects and engineers, estimating, and submitting drawings to plan review for procurement of building permits. Additional responsibilities include interview and selection of subcontractors and awarding of subcontracts for many out-of-state projects. Andy is also responsible for project management of numerous small projects and cost control during the duration of larger projects.

Joseph J. Pollio was hired in 1991 as a general laborer/carpenter. Since being hired, he has worked as a carpenter, foreman, and superintendent, and currently holds the position of Manager of Construction. His primary responsibilities consist of scheduling and dispatching crews for all projects, as well as scheduling and management for many out-of-state projects. He works to solicit sub-contractors and helps to develop project budgets with our in-house estimators, and oversees projects and sub-contractors to complete all projects on time and within budget.

Serving as Manager of Construction, he works with employees, sub-contractors, and customers to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.

Thomas M. Campbell is the sales contact and representative for Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc. primarily for design/build projects utilizing pre-engineered metal buildings.

Literally growing up in the metal building business Tom has over four decades of experience in many aspects of the metal building industry- from working in the manufacturing plant, erecting buildings while a member of a union erection crew, sales as an Area Sales Manager for two major metal building companies, design while under the supervision of the corporate chief engineer, management of a metal building divisional company to V.P. of sales for a metal building company.

Tom's primary duties at Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc. are to identify and pursue viable design/build projects; assemble pricing for quotations, work directly with end customers and potential client representatives, designers, engineers and other key project personnel to offer complete design/build services.

C. Eugene Myers, P.E., one of the founding members of Lutz Briggs Schultz, recently passed away. He will be greatly missed. Mr. Myers began his career in structural steel detailing in 1942. He worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and VANCO Engineering Co. He progressed to general sales manager, becoming a registered Professional Engineer in 1956, registered in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, and Oklahoma. After registration, he was promoted to Chief Engineer. Myers' design experience spanned the fields of civil, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic engineering, Projects included a six-story office building for Columbia Gas. He developed the structural integrated framing for circular and spiral ornamental stairs, which have been built worldwide, of which two are in Disney parks, and two for a Nalco warehouse. He appeared as an expert witness in both jury trials and hearing panels and taught the effects of fire on structural steel at the International Estimators Academy for insurance adjustors, as well as teaching refresher courses to prospective engineers.

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