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True Design-Build Contracting

Advanced Orthopaedics Hospital,
Washington, PA

Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc. is committed to providing our clients with quality construction at a competitive price. As full service general contractors, we are able to provide our clients with the option of design-build.

With the design-build process, we take the Owner’s vision and project requirements and turn them into reality. From the start of the project, we are fully engaged in all areas of the construction process with our in-house design team, estimators, and construction team, providing a true “one-stop shopping” approach and single source responsibility.

We conceptualize a budget and fit the design and construction requirements to fall within those guidelines. No need for “value engineering” at the end of the design process, as this takes place along the way, saving the Owner time and dollars. Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc. works hard at being cost conscious without jeopardizing the quality and personal desires of the customer.

Lutz Briggs Schultz and Associates, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of design-build construction for many years, with a proven track record of repeat customers and negotiated contracts. With our vast resources and personal attention to detail, we will always get the project completed on time and within budget.

Why Design-Build?

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one entity - the design-build team - works under a single contract with the project Owner to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. Design-build is also known as design/construct and single-source responsibility.

Design-build is an alternative to design-bid-build. Under the latter approach, design and construction are split - separate entities, separate contracts, separate work.

Streamlining project delivery through a single contract between the Owner and the design-build team transforms the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance, which fosters collaboration and teamwork. United from the outset of every project, an integrated team readily works to successfully complete a project faster and most cost effective and with fewer change orders.

With both design and construction in the hands of your design-build general contractor, you have:

  • A single point of communication and responsibility for quality and cost for your project.
  • A single firm working to minimize customer conflicts between architectural design and construction costs.
  • A design-build general contractor that stays up to date with new national and local building codes and requirements both in the field and in the design process of all projects.
  • A design-build process can utilize the experience of both construction and design to create the best, most economical and functional project for the Owner.